Whatever, nervermind 〓
free • spirit ; 1. a person with a highly individual /unique attitude, lifestyle/imagination; nonconformist 2. a person who lives according to his or her own wishes and beliefs, unconstrained by society's coventions.


“At the head of a bonatical avenue, Hephaestion (Jared) mustered us horsemen while ably rebuking his frisky chestnut horse. Mine, a royal black stallion called Chalabi, was more interested in the branches of rare relations of the Bedfruit tree. In front of us, teams of Thai gardeners were digging…

that’s what i call “The life after

I know how hard it is : selfharm. I’ve been cutting myself for almost seven years and i’ve always relapsed. But now, i want it to stop, i’m ok with myself for a few weeks at the moment, and, believe me, smiling, laughing.. that’s what we should all do even when life is such a motherfucker. i want ya all to know that i’m here, for everyone who wants to talk. whatever. I’m not a selfish dumbass, i love u & i want u to be ok. I care, i rly do. xo

Here are my thighs, arms, hip and feet. Almost 300 scars on my body.


my favourite photo set (only photo set i will reblog) on tumblr

this brings tears to my eyes every time 

got a weird crush on this pic.

got a weird crush on this pic.

Friend: Oh my god I read a book once that had a sex scene in it was so weird.
Friend: Have you ever read anything like that?
Me: No ew that's gross what sort of disgusting human being do you think I am how dare you accuse me of such a thing.

I have 6 mood about Jared Leto

  • Me : i love you way too much Leto
  • Me : i hate you
  • Me : awwww you so cute i wanna hug yaaaaaaa
  • Me : you’re such a troll… I LOVE YOU
  • Me : why you so perf? I don’t know what to do with my life
  • Me : you’re my idol thanks for every f-cking thing you’ve done

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